Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion Review

I’ve thought long and hard about what my first product review would be. Clients, friends, family members, pretty much anyone who knows I’m a makeup artist will ask me for my opinion on a certain product, or what my go-to products are. So I thought I’d kickstart my review series with this little bad boy. Untitled design (2).png

A year ago I had never heard of Mario Badescu. I came across the brand in Liberty in London, and after doing some research online I decided to give the Buffering Lotion a go. I’d tried so many different skincare products that claimed to treat acne prone skin, and to this day there aren’t many products that I can vouch for. But Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion claims to be specifically designed to treat acne prone skin, by targeting deep set cystic blemishes. As the lotion is sulphur based, it’s absorbed quickly deep into the skin, allowing the solution to treat the source of the spot. I liked the sound of it acting quickly and getting deep into my pores to sort out the mess deep within; all these products that my drawers were filled with seemed to be too soft. I needed something aggressive and macho.

I specifically remember the first night I tried this, I washed my face and got into bed, shook the little 29ml bottle as instructed, and dripped a little onto my finger. The smell is certainly medicinal. Strong. Looking good so far. I placed the solution over a sore bump I could feel but not quite see on my chin. Yep, you know the one. I didn’t have much hope for that one though, it was way under there and felt like a bruise. I also placed it onto a bright red spot I’d been aggravating on my forehead. Ok, ok… I bathed my face in it. I put this solution everywhere in desperate hopes it would clear my skin for good.

I woke up the next morning, kind of forgetting that I had tried the lotion the night before. This wasn’t my first time trying a spot treatment, and I didn’t have much hope for this one either. But as I brushed my teeth I and caught a glimpse in the mirror, I realised that big red spot on my forehead was now a soft pink colour, and no longer raised. I dropped my toothbrush and almost head-butted the mirror! The painful spot somewhere deep inside my chin no longer hurt, and I couldn’t feel a bump either. I was just amazed. mario-badescu-buffering-lotion_201-052_0

I continued to use the lotion every night thereafter, and have come across all sorts of spots to try the Buffering Lotion out on. Blemishes deep within the skin that usually take well over a week to disappear, are usually completely gone within a couple of days. Usually, it takes as little as one application for the underlying spot to disappear.

On the other hand, the development of pustules (the red spots filled with pus), is sped up with use of the buffering lotion. If you go to bed with a developing red pustule, after application of the lotion and a night’s sleep, you’ll awaken with the pustule having a whitehead. Resisting the temptation to pop it and deal with the scar later, if you apply more lotion again that evening, you’ll awaken on the second day with a small bump. If you then apply the lotion again in the evening, on the third day, it’s usually gone. That’s what I love about this little bottle; After just one application you can notice a difference within your skin, and after continued use, you definitely reap the benefits.

Scarring is minimised by the lotion too. Vibrant red scarring caused by acne fades over the course of a few days, and even helps overnight. Old scarring and new, the Buffering Lotion minimises scarring away night by night. And it’s not only scarring that the lotion helps to disappear, papules vanish over night, and whiteheads become a thing of the past within just one week.

After searching long and hard throughout my teenage years to find a solution to my spot prone skin, I stumble across the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion by chance, and hit the jackpot with this one. This is now part of my nightly skincare routine, especially around certain times of the month where by skin tends to get a little wild. Controllably wild, nonetheless.

Mario Badescu’s skincare range is hard to track down in the UK, but you can order it online at or go in store to purchase. The 29ml bottle costs £16.50, and in my experience, lasts for 8-12 weeks depending on how often you use this little life saver in a bottle! Worth every penny and effort.

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