10 Insanely Great Dupes

I loooooove a dupe. Who doesn’t want an amazing product replicated for a fraction of the cost? Especially when the dupes do everything the original does and more, it’s just a win win situation! These insanely great dupes are products I purchase on a regular basis, and won’t be going to the expensive side of the shelf for these products any time soon, and neither will you!

10. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick VS Kiko Milano Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

If you follow me on instagram, you know how much I’ve vouched for both Kiko Milano and Laura Mercier eyeshadows. I just can’t get enough of some of the shades and formulas both brands have launched. But these eyeshadow sticks sold by both brands are impeccable and insanely similar.


Both creamy in formula, and silky smooth to apply, you can hardly tell the difference between the two sticks of perfection. The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in shade ‘Amethyst’, will set you back £23.00; whilst switching to the Kiko Milano alternative Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in shade ’05’, can save you £16.10.

Not only does Kiko Milano’s eyeshadow save you pennies, but the formula is slightly more shimmery and pigmented than the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick. You can only notice this upon closer inspection, but it seems that this dupe is not only a penny saver, but a better alternative to the raved about Caviar Sticks!

9. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder VS e.l.f Studio Contour Palette

Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder is truly remarkable, isn’t it? The popular little contour of joy is one of my favourite products to contour with – and the formula is simply exquisite. But it comes with a hefty price tag. £37.00 for 3.1 grams means that we’re paying £11.93 per gram – and with gold valued at around £12.28 per gram, it’s pretty expensive. So when I found this dupe, I was so relived. No more expensive contouring for me, thanks! £6.90 (2)

e.l.f’s   ‘Studio Contour Palette’ in light/medium contains the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder dupe (the darkest shade in the palette), and whats remarkable about this dupe is that when swatched, I was unable to tell which powder was which! The formulas are identical, as are the shades, so the only difference I noticed was the price! e.l.f really have saved our butts with this one, because we can now save an astonishing £27.50! And that’s not the only perk either – with the e.l.f contour palette, you get an additional three shades of contouring powder. At £0.46 per gram, it’s safe to say that the value of gold shan’t be in jeopardy any time soon…

8. Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow VS BH Cosmetics Shaanxo 18 Colour Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palette 

If you follow Shannon Harris on Twitter, or subscribe to her YouTube channel, you’d have come across this controversial dupe. Can I call it a dupe if the cheaper version came out first? Anyway, I’ve swatched both of these palettes and love them, and so when I used £6.90 (3)both palettes in an attempt to create the same look on each eye, I was a little shocked when succeeded.

First impressions – you can definitely see the similarities. After the initial second or so, you begin to see the dissimilarities too, such as the difference in size whereby the Shaanxo eyeshadow pans are about a quarter of an inch larger than the Kyshadow eyeshadow pans. The Shaanxo palette also comes with a 9 pan lipstick bonus palette too! But the shades can be paired together, in the sense that you know which shades are most similar to each other in each palette.

So noticing the differences, I didn’t think the Kyshadow palette would apply in the same way that the Shaanxo eyeshadows did, but to test it out, I applied the same eyeshadow look on each eye using the two different palettes to compare. On the left I applied the Shaanxo palette, and the right, Kyshadow’s! I was skeptical, because when I was choosing the colours, such as the burgundy type colour in the Shaanxo palette, and the Hematite they don’t appear to be that similar in shade. To my surprise, when I had applied a few of the shades to create my burgundy spotlight eyeshadow look, they were identical. This is a real dupe!

Saving £16.62, plus gaining a lipstick palette, and saving on shipping and import tax from the US when ordering the Kyshadow palette from the UK – it’s a real money saver, and you’re not compromising on shades or quality. Beaut!

7. M.A.C Select Cover Concealer VS LA Girl Pro Concealer

£6.90 (4) The Select Cover Concealer was the first product I ever purchased from M.A.C, after searching long and hard for a full coverage concealer in drugstores. It was extremely hard to find a concealer creamy in texture, pigmented, and long wearing, so I was delighted to purchase the Select Cover Concealer, and presumed that drugstore makeup just didn’t have the formula that could satisfy my full coverage needs.

Don’t get me wrong – there are quite a few drugstore concealers that I love to use (you’ll find out about them soon enough!), but none that had offered me a cheaper alternative to the full coverage M.A.C concealer. The LA Girl Pro Concealer is often used by beauty gurus in YouTube tutorials, and highly spoken about by American beauty gurus, so I sought after the product. What would we do without Beauty Bay? I was surprised to discover that the LA Girl Pro Concealer was only £5.00, so I thought it was definitely worth the gamble.

The LA Girl Pro Concealer is creamy, thick in texture, highly pigmented, and long lasting. At only £5.00, you’ve got a perfect dupe, saving an impressive £11.00. I love M.A.C, but I’ll be purchasing the LA Girl Pro Concealer from now on.

6. Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick VS Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

£6.90 (5)Another Kylie Cosmetics dupe! The Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks are insanely beautiful. Gorgeous formulas, pigmentation, and choice of stunning shades. I figured this dupe out as soon as the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lip range came out, due to my love affair with the colour pop liquid lipsticks. But you can’t be prepared for how similar these dupes actually are!

Kylie kicked up a storm with this one, as it was widely claimed that the formulas were almost identical, as are the shades. Is it simply a coincident that makeup manufacturer Seed has both Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics listed as their brands? Nope! Kylie Cosmetics is manufactured by Colourpop, so these dupes are pretty good dupes!

Kylie’s ‘Koko K’ and Colourpop’s ‘Bianca’ are identical. Literally, identical. It’s just a money saver to go for the Colourpop alternative. Kylie Cosmetics’ ‘True Brown’ liquid lipstick also matches Colourpop’s ‘Limbo’, too. I can say that ‘Limbo’ is ever extremely so slightly lighter than Kylie’s version of lipstick, but this is only noticeable under the scrutiny of camera lighting and a DSLR. The naked eye can’t catch the difference! But, Kylie’s ‘Dolce K’, and Colourpop’s ‘Beeper’ are just a match made in the same factory. They look slightly different when swatched on the hand, but when you put them side by side on your lips, there is no difference between them. What a dupe.

5. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Kim KW’ Lipstick VS NYX Cosmetics ‘Snow Cap’ Butter Lipstick

£24.00.pngOne of my favourite lipstick shades is a pinky nude. I’ve been rocking this shade for years, and have way too many lipsticks in this type of shade, so I was definitely due a makeup clear out. Whilst I’m clearing out my pinky nudes, I swatch as I throw, am I the only one who does that? It’s like reminiscing on the time you first fell in love. So I’m swatching, and I swatch my NYX ‘Snow Cap’ butter lipstick, and I’m like, yeah girl, you’re staying. And then I swatch my Charlotte Tilbury ‘Kim KW’ lipstick, and I fall in love all over again. Uh, wait a second, this is a total dupe! I have a perfect dupe lying in my lipstick drawer without even knowing it. Love it when that happens, because they’re a rare find.

This dupe was actually the reason I decided to create a blog post on dupes, because these lipsticks are gorgeously creamy, shiny, and buttery, and the perfect shade of nude! Total identical dupe, and it can save you £18.00! It made me wonder how many more genuine dupes were out there lying in drawers waiting to be discovered?

4. Too Faced ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ Blusher VS Milani ‘Luminoso’ Blusher

£24.00 (1).pngYes, If you’re anything like me, you too love the Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ collection. The collection is so highly raved about, and I definitely know why. But, buying the whole collection can set you back quite a few pennies, and its during these times that a dupe could really come in handy!

The new ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ blusher is gorgeously formulated (and scented), and so I never expected to come across a dupe for this peachy beaut, but along came Milani to the rescue! If you watch loads of YouTube beauty gurus, you’d have seen this little gem pop up in quite a few videos – it’s a makeup artist favourite blush due to the extremely bendable formula, that is so fine and silky. The shade ‘Luminoso’ is a very similar match to the ‘Papa Don’t Peach Blusher’, not only in shade but in formula. After wearing both of these blushers, the only dissimilarity that I’m able to highlight is the scent – you really can’t beat the Sweet Peach scented blushers, but with the money that you’re saving, go buy yourself a peach scented candle!

3. Lancôme ‘Miracle Cushion’ Foundation VS L’Oreal ‘Nude Magique Cushion’  Foundation

£24.00 (2).pngThe only difference between these two foundations is the price. The cushion trend is very much still present, especially within Korean culture, and I’m wondering why we didn’t jump on it sooner! The liquid foundation soaked sponge expresses less formula with each dab, making it near impossible to cake the stuff on, and also makes the foundation formula a little lighter. That’s why it makes our skin look so healthy and natural, whilst providing a full coverage.

When applying both of these foundations, I couldn’t tell them apart. They are both silky and dewy in formula, and provide a medium to full coverage. I love the application on both of these foundations, a light and buildable application which is hands down the best way to apply your foundation! They both smell the same too. Lancôme are owned by L’Oreal, so… Yeah.

2. Tom Ford ‘First Time’ Lip Colour VS  Maybelline ‘Naked Coral’ Lipstick

Tom Ford Lipsticks are simply stunning. I’ve never swatched a lip colour that I wasn’t a fan of. The lip colours come at a price, a hefty one. £40.00 a pop will either refrain you from building up a Tom Ford Lip Colour collection, or leave you with one large bill. Or, you could buy a Maybelline Lipstick dupe and save yourself over £33.00Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 18.34.37

Formulas such as the Tom Ford Lip Colour range are pretty hard to come by. The lipsticks are creamy, moisturising and luxurious. When I wear my Tom Ford lipsticks, I feel the value on my lips – you know what I mean? I feel as though I’m wearing a high-end product because it looks, smells (and tastes…) pretty damn good! Expensive, but often worth it. My favourite shade is ‘First Time’, its (again) a pinky nude that just matches every makeup look and outfit you could create. This is the opinion of many people (I’m guessing), as the shade is more often than not sold out.

Approaching an important event, I needed to stock up on my favourite shade to wear with my little black dress, and surprise surprise, It was out of stock. Well, I gave up hope in finding a shade even remotely close to my ‘First Time’ love, and headed to Superdrug for a Maybelline gel eyeliner. And there it was. Like finding a pearl in an oyster – an exact match to the ‘First Time’. Really. The Maybelline Lipstick ‘Naked Coral’ is identical to the Tom Ford beauty in colour and in formula, and a dupe in every sense of the word. A gem! Luxuriously smooth and moisturising, I now never have to wait for the lipstick to come back in stock, or fork over an additional £33.00!

1. Farsáli ‘Rose Gold Elixir’ VS NYX Cosmetics ‘Honey Dew Me Up’

£24.00 (4).pngIt was definitely a very proud moment when I came across this dupe. Like many of you, I saw the Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir everywhere. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Magazines – I needed it! It literally took me three months to track the ‘Rose Gold Elixir’ down, and another month for it to be delivered to me. I anxiously waited, and while I did, I purchased the NYX Cosmetics ‘Honey Dew Me Up’ primer, as a temporary alternative.

Once I was finally able to try the ‘Rose Gold Elixir’ primer, I fell in love. The makeup applied over the primer went on so beautifully and smooth – I looked like I’d been photoshopped! But it was all too familiar to my temporary fix. To test out the differences, I applied one primer to half of my face, and the other to the other half of my face, and applied my makeup as usual. The honey and gold flecks within the NYX alternative allows the skin to glow with the makeup, and makeup is able to set dewy.

Although the NYX primer is a gel rather than a liquid, the overall result is an absolute dupe. With a saving of £40.00, the NYX ‘Honey Dew Me Up’ Primer is an inexpensive alternative to getting your skin primed with the same dewy, softening, and glowing way.



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