How to Make the Hair Grow Faster

If you lived through the 90’s and millennium, odds are, you saw Christina Aguilera’s brows and took to the tweezers. Am I right? I’m right aren’t I. How were we supposed to know that thick brows would be in fashion? I plucked away, and my right brow never grew back the same. The hairs bent over, and I’m sure there was a lot more depth than I was left with. I thought my best shot was semi-permanent tattooing, but fears that fashion would change once again took over. It’s a tattoo on your face after-all.

After a few hours of research I found that castor oil helps with hair growth. I’ve never been that much of a believer of natural remedies. I’ve always thought that man-made products were more intense. But after digging a little deeper in my research, I found that the leading hair growth products had contained castor oil. So I thought I’d give it a go. I purchased Naissance Castor Oil 250ml 100% Pure from Amazon for £4.99, which was (and still is)  a much cheaper alternative to the High Definition ‘Lash and Brow Booster’ that can set you back £40.00 for a mere 10ml.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 03.11.51

The texture of castor oil is more of a gel-like consistency, and is completely odourless. I first applied the oil to my brows in the evening before bed with a mascara wand, and thought why can’t I use this on my lashes too? My lashes are naturally long, but years of mascara, eyelash glue, and forgetting to take my mascara off at night, has definitely has taken its toll. I was a little skeptical, especially because the hairs on my brows have been missing for years, and I had absolutely no hope of them being found alive, unfortunately.

I applied the oil on my lashes and my brows every night for two weeks, and results were INSANE! I’ve wasn’t blessed with Cara Delavigne’s thick brows, naturally my brows are a quite thin, but with shape, before I got scissor happy with tweezers (there should be a law against under 18’s purchasing tweezers). So I discovered that castor oil does in fact encourage hair to sprout where they haven’t in years, both in my brows and lashes. I have never been so stunned by a product in my life – and the best part is, it’s 100% natural, and so cheap!

Naturally, I thought, can’t this work for the hair on my head too?! I don’t know why, but my hair just won’t grow past a certain point. It gets mid-breast, and that’s it. For years! I’ve trimmed, I’ve laid off the GHD’s, I’ve tried to wash my hair once a week instead of every other day, nothing. No use. So I coated my roots in castor oil. While I’m at it, I like to cover my hair in coconut oil too. Just to give it a little shine and conditioning. I’ve found that when using it on layers that have been trimmed and dyed much less than the rest of my hair, my hair has grown significantly. As for the ends, I think it’s time for a chop! Where split ends are concerned, almost nothing will help, unless you trim more and make changes to change the health of your hair. I’m just not ready for the chop quite yet!

But, I can see that castor oil helps with growth on brows, eyelashes, and the head. Castor oil speeds up growth, and stimulates new growth, and if the rest of your hair is able to sustain growth by not breaking off at the ends, this could be a very viable solution for hair growth for you. At this price, can you really go wrong?!

Notice: Please take caution when applying anything, including castor oil to your eyelashes. When applying castor oil to the lash line, wipe off excess from the brush, and apply in the same manner as mascara. If castor oil does sneak into your eye, seek medical advice immediately.

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