How to Get Naturally False Lashes

I’ve always been known as the girl with good natural lashes (pretty proud of that). Whilst all my girlfriends would be putting on their fake lashes, I’d be plying on the mascara. I love wearing false lashes too, though. Sometimes an unnatural lash is just what you need. But as time grew on, I realised a lot of my bridal clients didn’t want to wear false lashes. They wanted a softer, yet thick lash look. And so, I’d always pull out my secret weapon.

lashes.jpgOne of the first questions I ask my bride at the time of booking is, ‘are you after a false lash look, or would you like to dress up your own lashes?’. A lot of brides were a little confused, and some didn’t think it was possible to achieve a full lash look wearing your own lashes. For those who did want a natural lash look, I advise them to apply castor oil onto their lashes every night for as long as possible leading up to their big day. Sometimes, cutting down on the mascara until the big day is good too. It gives your eyelashes the chance to grow quickly, with strength. On the day I bring out this bad boy – The L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Waterproof Mascara . I’ve been purchasing this mascara for TEN years!

This mascara is no ordinary mascara, it is the queen of mascaras. On one end of the double ended mascara you have a 6ml primer, and on the other is a 6ml  black waterproof mascara. Priming the eyelashes adds a layer of volume to the eyelashes, so that your regular mascara can appear thick and full of volume, and definitely not cakey.

Here are some tips in applying your mascara (no, really):

1. Prepare Your Lashes

Curl your eyelashes with a generic eyelash curler. Try to do this in the morning and evening, with clean eyes – this helps to get them naturally curved! Prime one set of top eyelashes with the white primer, coating your lashes in one thick coat.

2. Mascara

Once you’ve primed your eyelashes, don’t move on to the second eye. Apply mascara onto the primed eyelashes, slightly moving your mascara brush from left to right in swift motions as you drag the brush through your eyelashes. Apply two coats of mascara.

3. Repeat

Move on to your next eye and repeat steps one and two. This allows the mascara applied on the first eye to dry a little, which makes it easier to apply a thicker coat of mascara.

4. Apply more

Once both of the eyelashes are primed and have two coats of mascara, go back to the first eye, and apply another two coats of mascara. Move on to the second eye, and apply two coats of mascara to those eyelashes too.£3.90 (6)

5. Let them Dry

Let your mascara dry on both eyelashes. I like to wait for 10 minutes or so, whilst I dress my hair or continue with the rest of my makeup in the mean time. Applying wet mascara to dried mascara is the best way to build volume, as the wet mascara on the eyelashes will slide back onto the brush when trying to apply a new coat.

6. Apply more

Apply one-two coats of mascara onto both eyelashes, apply a light coat of mascara onto the bottom set of eyelashes.

Voi la! You should now have a full set of naturally false lashes!

Tip: Clear the excess mascara from the wand, and with the wand facing upward, separate the eyelashes at the end of your lash line, by moving the mascara wand from the inner end of the lash line to the end of the lash line. This separates the end lashes of your eyelashes, allowing them to appear fanned out and full.

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