How To Make Every Foundation Full Coverage

Isn’t it annoying when you have a gorgeous foundation, but it’s not full coverage? I have invested a lot of money into all different kinds of foundations which have qualities in them that I adore, but aren’t as full coverage as I’d like them to be. Instead of throwing them away, I wanted to find a way to make them full coverage. The main problem I find with drugstore foundation is that they either don’t last very long, or they’re not full coverage enough at all. Even still, I longed to wear Maybelline’s ‘Fit Me’ foundation, with just a little more pigmentation.

To make the formula slightly thicker and more pigmented, I applied the amount of foundation that I’d use to the back of my hand, and mixed in just a pinch of translucent powder. Mixing the powder and foundation on the hand, the formula instantly thickened and became a lot more pigmented. It actually worked! Not only was the formula super pigmented, thicker and creamier, but it was also matte. Had I just created the greatest foundation ever? Whenever I fall in love with a foundation, I no longer worry so much about the coverage, because I now have this go-to method – such a relief. The translucent powder also sets the foundation on the face, transforming it into a long wearing formula.

To turn your foundation into a full coverage, long lasting foundation, follow these three simple steps:

1. Tip the Foundation foundation.jpg

Extract the typical amount of foundation you would use for your entire face into a little clean bowl. Then, extract a tiny bit more – like one half of a foundation pump, so that when the foundation thickens slightly, there will still be enough product for your entire face.

2. Add the Powder

FOUNDATION POWDERDepending on the amount of foundation in your bowl, add a small pinch of translucent powder to the foundation. Do not be generous with the powder, as you can always add a little more if you find that the foundation is not pigmented enough, or the formula is not creamy enough. I recommend adding a teeny tiny pinch, mixing the foundation, and adding little by little as you go along until the foundation bulks slightly in size. You still want a liquid consistency, just a little more mousse like in texture.

Tip: Before adding your translucent powder, ensure it’s a powder that does not create photo flashback. If you’re not going to be followed by the flashing cameras of paparazzi or aren’t planning a mini photoshoot, you’ll be fine to use any translucent powder.

3. Apply applying makeup.jpg

Apply your amended foundation using a damp sponge. This will ensure that the foundation is distributed evenly throughout the face, and provides a more dewy finish to the foundation. If applied with a dry beauty blender or a brush, whether it be a stippling, foundation, or kabuki brush, the foundation may appear cakey, especially as the formula will apply and set matte.

Remember, there is no need to set your foundation with translucent powder, as your foundation combined with the loose powder will set your foundation in place.

Ta da!

You should now have a full coverage foundation on your hands, and a long lasting one at that! Your foundation should now be full coverage, matte, and set!

2 Replies to “How To Make Every Foundation Full Coverage”

  1. Urban Decay has just come out with a powder mix in that is supposed to do this, and I saw people saying they add whatever translucent powder they have on hand. Much cheaper than buying s special powder for this purpose. Great tip!

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