Benefit They’re Real! ‘Double the Lip’ Review

A lipstick and lipliner wrapped into one. I’m loving how cosmetics are advancing – half the time to apply, purchasing one product instead of two, saving space in the makeup bag. The new They’re Real Double the Lip range came out in the UK just a couple of weeks ago, and I was so excited to get my hands on this ingenious idea. The lipstick range has 8 duo lipstick duo shades, and the colours I have are: ‘Nude Scandal’, ‘Criminally Coral’, ‘Fuchsia Fever’, and ‘Lusty Rose. Lippy.jpg

All lipsticks are teardrop shaped, with the lipstick occupying two thirds of the product, and directly on top of the lipstick is the lip liner, which fills the remaining third of the teardrop lipstick.

With all the lipstick shades, the lipliner is a vibrant and more intense version of the lipstick, to provide a visual lipliner and shade gradient. A benefit of the shade gradient is that lips are able to appear fuller, as the darker lipliner shade contours the lip line, and the lipstick highlights the lips. The instructions advise to use the lipstick as normal, with the tip of the teardrop shaped lipstick running along the outer lip line.

The formula is matte satin – yep you heard right. It’s not quite matte, yet it’s not satin either. It adds a natural shine to the lips, but if you layer the lipstick duo on, it becomes far more dense, and less satin – kind of matte. The combination of matte and satin isn’t the only combination about this lipstick duo that confuses me either. Let’s get stuck into the shades.

Criminally Coral Untitled design (12)

Criminally Coral was first They’re Real! Lipstick Duo that I tried. Honestly, I had absolutely no hope for the rest of the lipsticks. The lipstick shade is a clear coral shade that doesn’t appear much on my lips, and the lipliner shade is a vibrant hot pink. Can you see the problem?

To blend out the harsh lipliner with the not so harsh lipstick, I rubbed my lips together and patted them with my fingers, and eventually the colour combined to be a sunset pink. The lips still appeared lined with the more vibrant shade of pink, but not as apparent as when first lined, and looked so much better for it.

Fuchsia Fever

Untitled design (13).pngI was more hopeful about this one, because the lipstick shade looked vibrant, and so did the lip liner. Different shades, but both vibrant colours. After applying the lipstick dup initially, I guessed that I’d have to use my fingers to blend the two shades together again.

After pressing my lips together a couple of times, the colours blended themselves, leaving a natural looking gradient. This also helps to the lips to look fuller. Not that much fuller, but definitely a little more plumped.

The colour itself, though isn’t very flattering. Remember those 80’s lipsticks that had that a pearly satin sheen to it? That’s what this lipstick reminds me of. It looks like a cheap lipstick colour that you found in your toy makeup collection. At least, on my skin tone that’s what it looks like. Overall, the liner and lipstick combination wasn’t a bad one, but the shade and finish just didn’t do it for me.

Nude Scandal Untitled design (14).png

If you don’t know by now, I have a nude lipstick obsession. So this lipstick seemed to be the obvious choice to choose. I’m glad I did. The lipstick colour itself is a pinky nude, in fact, it’s more pink than nude, and the lipliner is a dark nude colour. When you apply the lipstick du0, the colours combine to create a soft, subtle, lipliner and lipstick combo, which is great for everyday purposes.

Although the nude doesn’t appear quite the same as the photos advertised online, in life, its not too bad a shade, just different. I still wouldn’t choose this lipstick over my other nudes, but it’s not bad.

Lusty Rose

Untitled design (15).pngThis one’s my favourite. The ‘lusty rose’ lip duo is true to form, and really is a dusky rose shade. What I like most about it is simple, the lipliner and lipstick don’t appear to contrast that much. I know that the contrast is the whole point of the lipstick duo range, but for me, the lipsticks are better when they offer a natural gradient rather than a harsh line.

Although the shade is stunning, I don’t feel that it’s very well suited to me. I feel it would be more flattering on a blonde, than it does a brunette.


The lipsticks aren’t a total gimmick, but they are pretty gimmicky. The lipstick duo might save you a minute or so, but it doesn’t allow you to line your lips where you want them lined. If you like to over line your lips like I do at times, it’s not achievable with this lipstick.

The formula isn’t transfer proof, and even after wearing the lipsticks for at least four hours they were still not transfer proof, so if you purchase this lipstick duo, make sure you take it with you when wearing it. That being said, it’s not a bother for me to take my lipsticks with me. In fact, I wouldn’t leave the house without it!

I was a little confused as to what this lipstick was trying to achieve anyway. Is it aimed at women who aren’t able to execute their lipliner well? Because this isn’t a solution to that. If anything, an unsteady hand makes the lip liner rigid rather than a smooth and sleek line around the lips.

A definite positive of this lipstick, though, is that it is suuuuper hydrating. So if you’re looking for a matte lipstick that’s super hydrating with a bit of a sheen this is the lipstick for you. But choose your colours wisely, as you may be spending more time blending than it would take to apply lipliner and lipstick separately. For £16.50, there are definitely better lipsticks and lipliners out there for the same combined price.

You can’t knock benefit for trying, and some of the shades are pretty – but I’m not going to be reaching for this lip duo anytime soon.



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