Benefit They’re Real! ‘Duo Eyeshadow Blender’ Review

So if you haven’t read my most recent blog post, I recently reviewed the Benefit They’re Real! ‘Double the Lip’, and I couldn’t review the duo lip range without reviewing the duo eyeshadow range now could I?

Untitled design (16).pngBenefit’s latest line up included these duo eyeshadow palettes. What’s unique about them is that the eyeshadow palettes come with two shades, a shade of eyeshadow for the eyelid, and a shade of eyeshadow for the crease of the eye. The colour to be applied over the eyelid is the larger section of the eyeshadow duo, so of course, the crease colour would be the thinner strip of the eyeshadow duo. The eyeshadow duo’s come with a sphere sponge applicator to apply the eyeshadow with, which is supposed to apply the perfect eyeshadow look in one swipe.

Skeptical? So was I. I’m the type of person that applies, then blends a thousand times, then applies, then blends a thousand, and repeat this process around ten times, so the prospect of being able to apply the perfect eyeshadow in one swipe is just mind-blowing. Of course I had to try this out! The duo eyeshadow range has eight duo shades, which you can either purchase individually for £19.50, or you can purchase three colours in one eyeshadow box for £28.50. The shades in the ‘BIG sexy eye kit’ are, ‘beyond nude’, ‘naughty neutral’, and ‘bombshell brown’.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 00.50.11.pngI purchased two colours to try, the first of which was ‘Brazen Bronze’. So I take the spherical applicator which has a very small and uncomfortably awkward grip, and swipe it along the the eyeshadow duo. Both eyeshadows swipe onto the applicator easily, and there is a clear division between the two shades, so at least there isn’t a rigid line between the two shades. Next is swiping it onto the eyelid… I swipe it on in one sweep and firstly, the spherical sponge makes the application very easy. The sphere snugs perfectly into the eye socket, and the crease shade goes right into the crease – perfect position. But that is where the positives of this duo eyeshadow ends.

The formula of the benefit ‘Brazen Bronze’ eyeshadow duo is foiled and flaky looking. It has pigmentation potential, but you can’t build up pigmentation with the applicator and shades, because it’s pretty hard to place the eyeshadows at the exact same position that you placed the eyeshadows before. The application creates a harsh line between the colours, which isn’t so much of a problem seeing as you can blend it out, but isn’t that the whole point of this product?

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 01.11.16.pngThe second shade of eyeshadow duo I purchased was Kinky Khaki. I mean I just had to really didn’t I. Light beige shimmery eyeshadow on the base with a khaki shimmered eyeshadow in the crease? At this point, I’m kind of wondering who created this product, and why.

I applied the eyeshadow dup using the same process as when I applied the ‘Brazen Bronze’. The outcome was exactly the same. The eyeshadow formula is foiled, flaky, and totally undesirable. Though, that wasn’t the worst part about this eyeshadow duo. The colour combination is simply awful. Khaki in the crease with a sheer, shimmery beige shade on the eyelid.

The idea, much like the lipstick duo, is greatly innovative and fresh. The applicator is absolutely spot on, fitting perfectly into the eye socket and placing the eyeshadows in the exact position it should be. But the formula and shade combination definitely need a bit of work. It’s quite disappointing, really.

What is the purpose of the eyeshadow duo, anyway? If this was targeted at women who find it a little difficult to apply eyeshadows, then this definitely isn’t the product to help. Was the duo launched due to the shade combinations? Because if so, the colour combination is not to be admired. Benefit are the host of amazing products that I absolutely stand by. POREfessional primer and Hula bronzer are a couple of my favourite cosmetics, so I’d purchase their newly launched cosmetics due to their track record. Unfortunately, this duo is simply a gimmick.

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