Why You SHOULDN’T Shave Your Face

For the past eighteen months or so, I’ve seen quite a few women create Instagram and YouTube tutorials on how to shave your face, and why it’s so ‘awesome’ to. The trend started of with the most famous beauty gurus out there, such as Huda Kattan (more famously known as Huda Beauty) and Carli Bybel, and then every single YouTube makeup artist out there was preaching the benefits of why you should shave your face too.

shavingWhen I first heard this, I thought the world had gone mad. After all, my mum always told me to never ever raise a razor to my face. But when I listened to all the benefits of it, I thought well, I guess mum’s just being dramatic. These makeup artists on YouTube look gorgeous, and their makeup is flawless. Of course taking the ‘peach fuzz’ away from your skin makes your makeup look smooth and flawless. Duh! And it’s claimed that shaving your face not only takes away the vellus facial hairs (fine hairs), but it exfoliates your skin, takes away dirt and oil that hides within dead skin cells and vellus hairs, helps with scarring, and is anti ageing!

Women are encouraged to purchase brow shapers, and shave their entire face with them, even their hairline. If you don’t trust yourself to shave your face, the service is offered professionally, which is called dermaplaning (an exfoliating and shaving facial). Yes I know that Marilyn Monroe shaved her face, and you can visit a professional to have the facial done, but is this the right thing to do?

Let’s get some facts straight, and really think about it for a second. Let us go through the benefits of shaving your face one by one, and see if it really is beneficial to shave your face.

Removal of Vellus Facial Hair for Smoother Looking Skin

peach fuzzOne of the main reasons, if not the main reason of all, as to why women shave their faces, is to remove the vellus facial hair for smoother looking skin underneath makeup. Well, this is true. Shaving your face will remove your fine hairs, hairs that you haven’t even seen before. Benefits? Makeup appearing smoother, apparently.

My peach fuzz facial hair has never been anything to be either embarrassed by, nor made my foundation appear textured. I have an array of clients who have the softest, dewy, and glowing skin, and they have never shaved a day in their life. Shaving may make the skin appear smoother, but eventually the fine, peach fuzz hairs will grow back with a vengeance. Thicker, sharper, and in places you never had peach fuzz before. Remember the first time you shaved your legs? The hairs weren’t the spikey thorns they are today, were they…


exfoliate.jpgShaving not only removes fine hairs from the face, but it scrapes the skin. In the process, it exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells, and anything else on the surface of the skin too. If you have any pimples or scabs, these will be irritated and scraped away too. But have you ever heard of over exfoliation?

If you already exfoliate the skin using a face wash, flannel, exfoliating cleanser or toner, shaving your skin doesn’t provide you with the added benefit of exfoliation, because you’re already doing that. Instead, you run the risk of over exfoliating your face, which is never a good thing. Over exfoliation can thin the skin, and cause sensitivity, redness and irritation. Ouch!

Anti Ageing

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 16.38.02.pngSo apparently, shaving the face is anti ageing. How? Apparently, shaving your face stimulates collagen. Yes, men shave, yes men age less quickly than women. But the anti ageing claims of shaving are bollox. Excuse my French.

Male androgens cause a skin thickness increase of up to 25% compared to women, which cause them to have thicker, younger looking skin. Men also produce more sebum than women, which are the oils within the skin that maintain collagen and keep the skin moisturised. Plus, men have more collagen than women. Put simply, men are biologically designed to age slower than women. Don’t ask me why, it annoys me that their eyelashes are always thicker and longer than ours too.

If you’re looking for smoother makeup application, simply wash your face, moisturise, and wait 10 minutes before applying your primer. Step away from the razors ladies!

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