Flopsy Jelly Face Wash Review

I’ve never been one for believing much in natural products to resolve the problems I’ve faced with my skin. I’ve always preferred harsh chemically balanced skincare products as oppose to a tablespoon of turmeric and yoghurt. But as I became fascinated with skincare, I soon realised natural skin products were the way to go – unless I found a jaw-dropping skincare product that worked miracles. Spot treating miracles.

flopsy.jpgFlopsy is supposed to be a natural, anti-ageing, cleansing miracle in the shape of a bunny. A huge bunny. If you lifted the bunny up to your face, it acts as a mask. Pretty cool actually. And after three weeks of using it, I’ve most certainly developed an opinion on this particular bunny…

The great smelling face wash comes compact in a tub, and as soon as you open the lid, the crisp citrus scent comes bursting out. I can definitely smell some zesty lemons and bergamot, which just makes washing your face that much more refreshing. But these ingredients aren’t the ones I was most interested in (their only purpose is to serve our noses) – I was much more interested in the ingredients that were supposed to tone, brighten, and hydrate the skin, not forgetting the anti-ageing properties.

The limited edition jelly contains carrots, which are known to tone and boost the skin’s complexion (and yes, eating too many carrots will make your skin appear tanned in a sunset orange sort of way…). But does it work? Yes. Simply yes. After washing my face a couple of times using Flopsy, I definitely noticed my skin developed its very own glow, which in turn, also made my skin appear more evenly toned. I love this feature of Flopsy. It’s so hard to get a face wash to help your skin tone and brighten in complexion, and are usually achieved through face masks. So being able to achieve such a result with just a daily face wash, means that you don’t have to wait once a week to use your favourite face mask, and saves you a lot of time spent waiting around for your face mask to work wonders!

WATER.jpgAnyone that personally knows me, knows that my skin has to be moisturised at all times. I jump out of the shower and quite literally run to my body lotion, and I can’t get there fast enough. That feeling of freshly washed yet dry and wrinkly skin feel just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and makes my teeth hurt. Yuck. So thankfully, I don’t feel that way with Flopsy. My face and hands feel nourished and deeply moisturised after washing with Flopsy, and I don’t have to run for the lotion just yet. So I’m glad that Flopsy is made with sweet almond oil, for hydration and nourishment purposes. I have so many face washes that thoroughly cleanse my skin, but make my skin feel so dry and rubbery that I’ve had to stop using them. I guess a drop of almond oil is all it takes!

But what’s even better, is that almond oil is one of the top natural oils which can be used to effectively tackle ageing. The antioxidants and vitamin E that resides within almond oil fight against wrinkles, by preventing the degradation of collagen within the skin. #winning

One of my favourite features of Flopsy is that it contains Kaolin clay, which comes from the chemical compound Kaolinite. I have a few Kaolin face masks already, so I know that the chemical compound is deep cleansing and detoxifying, sweeping away every last dirty cell from the skin.  But to have Kaolin clay in a face wash is new to me. From my experience, flopsyyyy.jpgFlopsy cleanses the skin as thoroughly as expected from Kaolin clay, getting down and dirty into my pores, taking a fraction of the time I’d usually use with a Kaolin clay face mask.

My complexion seems cleansed and radiant after washing my face with the jelly, which is probably thanks to the carrot and Kaolin clay working together to boost my skin. Thankfully, Flopsy’s ingredients are well balanced, because what usually bugs me about Kaolin clay, is that although it performs a deep cleanse on the skin, it drys the skin out. You almost feel as though smiling would crack your face, but with Lush’s easter jelly, the sweet almond oil seems to counteract the dehydration.

With all Lush’s exceedingly great balance of naturally exquisite ingredients used to treat many elements of the skin, I do withhold some qualms about the way in which Flopsy was designed. The Carrageenan extract is what makes Flopsy, flopsy Carrageenan is a type of seaweed, that is used a thickening and binding agent in cosmetics due to its water binding properties, and ability to form a gel at room temperature. shockedWhat’s not so great about Flopsy is that the jelly is used either directly on the face, or massaged within the hands to form a foam to wash your face with. This means that the bacteria that’s harvesting on your face or hands are now on Flopsy, and ready to be picked up and placed back onto your face when you’re using Flopsy to wash your face the next day (that’s why it’s not advised to clean your face with your bar of Dove…).

Lush advises that Flopsy is used either in the shower as a jelly face wash, or lathered up on the hands and used as your regular face wash. But using it in the shower can prove to do more harm than good, as the bacteria living in Flopsy can easily enter your pores, thanks to the steam and heat from your shower, which will create spots. But, it’s also advised by Lush to freeze your Flopsy if you fancy a cooling face wash. And this is the option I opted for.

If you’re going to use Flopsy for all it’s wonderful properties, take a couple of precautions, and the results will wow you!

  • When using Flopsy, use cold water, so that your pores remain firmly closed, you don’t want any bacteria entering those pores. So no using Flopsy in the shower!
  • If you can, use some skin-tight anti-bacterial gloves when washing your face with Flopsy – seems crazy but you’ll reap the benefits!
  • Don’t use Flopsy directly on the face. All of your dead skin cells, left-over makeup and bacteria lurking on the skin will just be placed onto Flopsy and back onto your face the next time you reach for it!
  • When putting Flopsy back into the tub, the water from the jelly face wash can drip to the bottom of the tub, causing mould. Try to place Flopsy on a clean kitchen towel to air-dry in a cool, clean environment after use, before placing Flopsy back in it’s tub.


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