How To Get Thicker, Natural Looking Brows

Eyebrows have never looked so good. We haven’t seen naturally thick, arched brows in fashion since the eighties, and boy am I glad they’re back. With celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Cara Delevingne showing us how to rock the bushy brows the right way, it’s become a makeup trend to follow and remember.

angeline jolie like to meet someone who lived through the early 2000’s and didn’t pluck their brows into a thin slither, following the trend set by Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie. I remember stealing my mums tweezers and sneaking into the bathroom and plucking most of my eyebrows off. The horror. I plucked the beginning of my eyebrows so that they looked less like sisters and more like distant relatives, and all of my lovely brow hairs that pointed straight up weren’t to be seen again until last year. Literally.

Now we’re suffering the consequences with hairs that have been missing for years. But they can be found. My little secret gem is Castor Oil. The Omega-3 fatty acid penetrates deep into the pores and hair follicles, providing nourishment that stimulates hair growth. More details on how to promote hair growth can be found in my How to Make the Hair Grow Faster blog post.

dipbrowYou don’t need micro-blading to get the natural look, all you need is good brow product and technique. My go-to products are the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. I use both products for myself and on clients, and I truly adore them.

The Brow Definer is absolutely perfect in applying natural looking hairs with each stroke, as the tip of the product is specifically designed to mimic natural looking hairs. I use the Brow Definer to apply natural product where the brows are lacking in depth or natural growth, and use the spoolie end of the Brow Definer to blend the product out into the hairs. Be careful not to blend the product too much so that it disappears, but enough so that the harsh lines are now soft yet still defined.brow-definer-dark-brown-tip

What I love about it is that you can achieve three sized hair strokes with the triangular tip, which helps to achieve a real natural looking hair and brow overall. The formula is intense, creamy and easily blendable, especially with the spoolie that has been specifically designed with its material and strength to perfectly blend the formula into the skin.

I then use the DipBrow Pomade to outline my eyebrow shape from the root of the brows, lining the bottom shape and arch of the eyebrows. Using the spoolie from the Brow Definer, I brush the brows to disperse the product smoothly into the skin. This technique provides the brows with a colour base, making them look naturally fuller and thicker.

The formula of the DipBrow Pomade is creamy, transfer proof, and the shades are just incredibly natural, with ‘Dark Brown’ and ‘Taupe’ being my favourite of them all. A swipe of the product on a brush is all you need, so the product will last and last.

To achieve natural looking, fuller and thicker brows, follow these simple steps:

1. Baste Them!

castor oilUsing 100% pure Castor Oil, dip a spoolie or mascara brush into the oil, scraping off the excess from the brush back into the bottle. On cleansed skin and eyebrows, brush the eyebrows with mascara wand or spoolie, and apply the oil onto the surrounding eyebrow area. Don’t apply so much that the oil drips, but enough so that the skin and brows appears oily. Use for one month continuously, taking a two day break before using for another one month.

2. Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!


Using a spoolie, brush through the eyebrows so that all hairs are facing their natural direction.

Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, stroke thin lines to mimic natural eyebrow hairs wherever you’d like to fill gaps or enhance the thickness of your eyebrows.

Brush through the eyebrows with the spoolie from the Brow Definer to soften the strokes, but not so much that they disappear or appear lighter than the natural colour of your eyebrows.

3. Define Them

Untitled design (18)

With a fine, yet firm brush, swipe some product from the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, and outline the bottom of the eyebrow into the arched or straight shape of your choice.

Remember that your eyebrow shape frames your face, so try not to look too surprised or like your frowning too much – try to find a nice balance in between.

Once you’ve drawn your line into the root of the brows, use the spoolie from the brow definer to brush the product through and into the hairs, making the line less harsh and more natural.

4. Define Them Again!

Untitled design (19).pngUsing the Brow Definer,  draw thin strokes using the tip of the triangular pencil, from the top of your arch downwards, to provide definition. Brush the brow strokes through with the spoolie from the top of your arch downwards, just slightly to blend the drawn hairs in with your real brow hairs.

This technique provides a fuller look throughout the whole of your eyebrows, making them look naturally fuller and freshly shaped.

Try not to create a sharp arch with this step, and more of a natural decent from the middle of your brow to the end. Use the Brow Definer as a guide, by holding one end at the tip of the arch and the other end resting on your nostril – For the perfect arch, the Brow Definer should be in a straight, diagonal line through the middle of your eye.

Ta daaaaaa….!

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