How to Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro

The one thing makeup artists are really good for is the eyeshadow, honey. Eyeshadow makes or breaks a makeup look, and is the centre of all makeup looks. Really, it is! I wouldn’t dream of heading out of the house for an event with a naked eyelid. Ever. But it can rack up a pretty large bill to hire a makeup artist every time you need a sprinkle of eyeshadow and some blending.

What I learned when I first became a makeup artist, is that there are rules in the eyeshadow application realm. In order to achieve that professional makeup look there are steps to take with every eyeshadow look, and once you have them down your eyeshadow application will always appear more professional.

Prime Your Eyes

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.27.33Priming your eyes makes EVERY difference for your eyeshadow application. Your eyeshadow appears bolder, more opaque and more defined. You don’t have to use a specific eyeshadow primer, a simple concealer will do the trick. What’s not so known in the stages of primer application, is that it is just as important to set your primer too. Setting your primer with a translucent powder means that your eyeshadow won’t stick more to some parts of the primer and less than others, which causes clumps, and means that you’ll be able to blend your eyeshadow out a lot easier.

Apply Your Crease

11Every eyeshadow look needs a good crease line. This helps the eyeshadow look to appear more blended, faded, smokey, and more professional really. Your crease colour should always be matte, and one or two shades lighter or darker than your overall eyelid shade. A shimmered crease just looks like you’ve gone too high with the eyeshadow.

To apply your crease, simply place the product in a thin line in the crease of the eyelid, blending upwards and outwards, so that the initial line disappears, but the smoked out shape is still apparent.

Apply Your Showstopper

111Next is to apply your overall eyelid colour, the centre of your makeup look – your showstopper! Choose your colour and apply it to your either your entire eyelid or the centre and outer corner of your eyelid, making sure to stay underneath that crease line.

If you’re applying eyeshadow on the overall eyelid colour, this will create a bolder eyeshadow look. Whereas if you’re applying a lighter colour in the inner corner of the eyelid, this will create a more smoked out, gradual ombré eyeshadow look. Remember to apply, and blend, apply and blend, apply and blend!

Add Depth

1This is my favourite step in applying eyeshadow. I apply an eyeshadow thats around four shades darker than the overall eyeshadow colour to the outer corner of the eye. Just following the shape of the eyeball, about a finger’s width long. I then buff it out, apply a touch more, then buff it out some more. This adds depth and sophistication to the eyeshadow look and I just love it!

Glam It Up

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 13.32.54.pngInner corner highlight is the cherry on the cake. With every eyeshadow look theres a highlight to glisten it up. Apply your highlighter on the inner corner, and even a cream shimmer eyeshadow to make your eyes really pop. It really is the perfect finishing touch!

If you’re going for a light, smokey inner corner, add a pale, matte eyeshadow to the inner eyelid to blend into the eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid, blending is key in this process to give a natural ombré effect to the eyelid, then just add your inner highlighter after! Also add a little matte highlighter to the brow bone too! It will lift the brows making the eyeshadow pop even more.

Make it Bolder!

1.jpgMake sure you take your crease colour and add it to the bottom lash line for an extra bit of oomph! This sets off the whole eyeshadow look, and you can even jazz it up with a little bit of shimmer in the middle of the lower lash line!

Just A Couple Of Tips To Get You Going …

1One of the first things I realised about how to achieve a professional eyeshadow look was that tools are everything. You really do need a good, fluffy blending brush, a flat eyeshadow applicator brush, and maybe in a couple of sizes to figure out which ones best suit you.

Just remember that there is no correct way to apply your eyeshadow, just have a bit of fun with it and match your colours well, before you know it you’ll be applying your eyeshadow like an instagram pro!

And don’t be scared to add a spotlight shimmer in the middle of your eyelid – I love a spotlight eyeshadow look!

2 Replies to “How to Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro”

  1. I’m back reading this again. I recently purchased my first eyeshadow palette. It should be in the mail any day now. Its good for beginners I think. The Morphe palette. Now I need a blending brush. It’s been fun figuring this out.


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