Is Foundation OVER Powder The Key to Flawless Skin?

Earlier this week I spotted the latest craze, and a craze it is. Applying powder, and then your foundation. Hmm. Is the discoverer of this craze crazor a genius? What kind of psychopath applies their foundation over powder? This is an extreme no-no in the makeup realm. I just had to find out myself, and honestly I was extremely skeptical. But the good thing about this hack is that you don’t have to leave the house and head over to the makeup counters (who know you all too well) to purchase some weird ingredients or one expensive ingredient to test this one out. Odds are you have the two things you need right there in your everyday makeup bag – foundation and powder.


1.jpgTo my primed skin, I applied the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I chose this particular powder because I wanted a thick powder consistency so that it can perhaps create a layer between the primer and the foundation, for a (hopefully) smooth application of foundation. I certainly didn’t want any patches where the powder stuck to the foundation in some areas, and where it cracked in others. To the powder, I applied my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick, and buffed it in with my damp sponge. The foundation appeared to be a little thicker, and therefore a little tougher to blend, but the results…?

Wow. Whoever applied powder before their foundation is a genius. My skin looks flawless. Genuinely flawless. My pores appear minimised, especially around the nose and chin, something I think every woman has struggled with at one point or other. Everything looks airbrushed! Although this method creates a matte, full coverage foundation, it’s nothing a little liquid highlighter can’t fix. I’m. in. love!

1.jpgThis makeup hack creates a smooth base for the skins foundation to sit upon. It appears that the foundation doesn’t seep into the skin as much, because the powder is acting as a barrier, which means that the foundation doesn’t seep into the pores, which, of course, makes them less visible. Not only are pores less visible, but redness, scarring, purple bags that hang so annoyingly under the eyes – all had gone, after applying the powder and foundation, I hadn’t even applied my concealer yet!

The powder also absorbs  the oils on the skin so that the foundation doesn’t mix with the oils, and becomes more durable throughout the day, so if you have oily skin, this is a makeup hack for you. I have oily skin myself, and because I had set the oils in the skin before applying the foundation, I didn’t have to set the foundation or concealer again. I didn’t expect the foundation to last all day, but to my amazement, my makeup was more durable than ever. No shine throughout the day, no smudging underneath the eyes, everything seemed to stay perfectly in tact.

1The only issue you may find is if you have dry skin, because the powder can emphasise the dryness within the face, and your foundation won’t appear as flawless as you’d like. If your skin is particularly dry, I’d advise that you use an oil based facial wash and cleanser the evening before, with an overnight hydrating cream applied to the skin. This should lessen the impact of the powder significantly, allowing it to act as the barrier you need to achieve flawless skin.

I don’t think I’ll be applying the powder after foundation anymore…

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