How To Make Your Lips Look Naturally Fuller

I’m loving this big lip trend. It’s been plumping for a few years now, and I’m not seeing lips getting any thinner, and I love it. Big lips should be celebrated, and I’ve always been a fan (maybe because my lips are naturally quite full); and with that being said I can see why there has been an influx in lip fillers over the past five years. My thoughts are, simple. Whilst thick lips are to be admired, they can be achieved purely through cosmetics, without needing to feel the wrath of the needle. Really.

Here’s a couple of steps you can take in making your lips look naturally fuller, purely using cosmetics.

Get Your Scrub On

1Scrub those lips! Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub of some chunky sea salt to get all the dead skin off the lips for a smoooot application!

Over the Edge

1Line your lips with foundation. This will help the natural indent of the top and bottom lip blend with the skin, so that you are able overdraw your the lip line without your actual top lip line looking to plump.

Get Lining

1Line the top lip, but not within the lip line, on top of it. That’s right. By lining on top of the lip line, you’re able to make the lips look a lot plumper without it looking as though your lips are over drawn. To line the top lip, draw three vertical lines from the two peaks of the lip, and the middle of the lip, then draw on top of the lip line.

For your bottom lip, lining is a little different. Draw the corners of the lips on top of the lip line, but take the line down, over the lip line on the bottom lip. Because it’s the bottom lip it creates a natural shadow, which makes the bottom lip look heavier and more plump. You’re not able to notice the bottom lip is over-lined.

Tip: If you go for a darker lipliner shade, it will help to create a fuller lip look!

Filler Up!

Closeup image of a woman applying lipstickCoat the lips in your favourite lipstick, so that it’s touching the lip liner. Then, get a slightly lighter shade of the lipstick, and place it in the centre of both lips. Just enough for the lighter shade to create a small oval in the centre of the lips. This will add depth and gradient to the lips, making them look fuller.

Back To The Drawing Board!

1.jpgOnce your lips look complete, just add a vertical line to the centre of the bottom lip. This will evoke the impression that the bottom lip is a lot fuller and plumper.

Et voila! Your lips should look naturally fuller and more plump! Try it out and tag me in your photos on instagram using the hashtag and tag #ParrisGeorgiou @ParrisGeorgiouMUA – Can’t wait to see them!

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