How To Create Glitter Lips

Festival season may be over, but glitter lips are here to stay. I have loved seeing glitter lips light up the fields this year, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet! When I fancy a glitter lip, I simply use what I have in my drawers. There’s really no need to purchase a glitter lipstick – your eyeshadows will do just fine!

Get Scrubbin’

2Exfoliate the lips for a smooth base. This is super important, as you glitter will crack and chip just like your nail varnish, if you don’t have a smooth, absorbent base.


1Applying foundation to the lips creates an even toned base. Once you’ve patted your foundation on (preferably with a sponge), powder them with a light brush of translucent powder.

Line Em’ Up!


Line your lips to create your perfect lip shape, then block colour them in. Colouring your lips with your favourite shade will create a block colour underneath the glitter, which helps the glitter to become more opaque and unified. Don’t be tempted to use a lipstick though – lipstick formulas are a little too creamy in texture, and the next steps with move the lipstick, and create an uneven base.

Get Gluey


Apply glitter adhesive to the lips in sections. I like to start with the bottom right hand corner of the lip, brushing it on with an old lipstick brush. Once you’ve applied the glue to one section, complete the next step before coming back to this step and applying glue to another section

Glitter Time


With a second lip brush, pat your favourite shade of cosmetic grade glitter on to the lips. You can use an eyeshadow, or loose glitter – whatever you prefer. Patting instead of swiping will pack the flitter onto the lips, making them more opaque. Repeat the previous step before applying glitter to another section of the lip.

Et voila!


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