A Tip To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes are my favourite feature to dress up. They’re what people look at when conversing or stalking or whatever. My eyes are quite beady when I don’t wear makeup, and look a lot smaller than when I do. But there are some extremely simple tricks that you can use which can make your eyes look a bigger. Don’t worry, you don’t need some special tape or anything, just your makeup bag.

Line Up!


Line the lash line of your bottom eyelash. Not a big thick line, but a thin trail. This simply opens the eyes, making them look more open. It’s that simple.





Natural Liner

I love eyeliner on the waterline, but this can make your eyes look smaller whilst making them look bolder. If you want to combine the two, draw eyeliner on the bottom lash line, and fill the waterline in with a nude liner. This step makes the eyes look bright.


1When lining your eyelids, start thin from the tear ducts and get thicker towards the outer corner. The thicker the eyeliner, the smaller, and heavier your eyes will appear.

Did you know that eyeliner was initially invented to create a shadow from the eyelashes, which make them appear longer?







1Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes makes the tear ducts appear brighter, open and bigger. It draws in the nose bone, giving more room for your eyes to shine!

Fuller Lashes

1The fuller your lashes the bolder your eyes will look, drawing more attention to the eyes than any other feature. But don’t go heavy with the fake lashes, these will droop making the eyes appear more closed. Try a good, thickening mascara, or some lashes that point up rather than out.





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