Hey Beauts, welcome to my blog.

I despise introducing myself in writing, so apologies for the super awkward / cheesy start to blog. If you haven’t guessed by the website title, my name is Parris Georgiou, and I’m a twenty-something year old makeup artist and blogger based in London.

The reason behind the blog is a simple mix of a fascination of makeup, a love for natural skincare remedies, and a determination to find the latest haircare phenomenon. It all began whilst travelling Thailand in 2017, when laying on Ao Nang beach in Krabi – I kept coming across such fascinating beauty tips and products and I was just bursting with excitement to share my latest gems.

Problem is, I was travelling with my boyfriend Theo who wasn’t particularly interested in the full coverage foundation technique I had concocted in the hostel earlier that day, nor the skincare benefits of seaweed that I was pulling out of the sea. I thought to myself, darling, you have no idea how lucky you are to have someone who has makeup and skincare tips on tap. So I began my blog, in 37 degree heat sitting on the worlds most uncomfortable bed in a hostel crawling with cockroaches.

My blog is filled with tried and tested skincare regimes, the latest makeup trends and product reviews, and haircare tips to nurse your hair back to health. The answer to tackling acne, improving straw-like hair, and perfecting the winged eyeliner are all right here.