The Ultimate Hair Care Guide

I think every woman longs for lengthy, voluminous luscious hair. Who doesn't? The problem is that our naturally gorgeous locks are usually damaged by searing heat (damn straighteners), Β excessive bleaching (everyone loves a blonde, right?), or every day life - pollution and all that... One way or another, our hair gets damaged and needs to [...]

The Summer Holiday Beauty Products You *Need* To Pack

With the summer finally approaching, we're usually rushing around making sure we have enough bikinis, probably dieting a tad too much, and more concerned with our espadrilles and floral playsuits than what beauty products we're going to take, because all we need to buy is a tanned foundation, right? Wrong. During the summer, we need [...]

How To Get Thicker, Natural Looking Brows

Eyebrows have never looked so good.Β We haven't seen naturally thick, arched brows in fashion since the eighties, and boy am I glad they're back. With celebrities such as Julia RobertsΒ and Cara Delevingne showing us how to rock the bushy brows the right way, it's become a makeup trend to follow and remember. like to meet [...]