The Ultimate Hair Care Guide

I think every woman longs for lengthy, voluminous luscious hair. Who doesn't? The problem is that our naturally gorgeous locks are usually damaged by searing heat (damn straighteners), Β excessive bleaching (everyone loves a blonde, right?), or every day life - pollution and all that... One way or another, our hair gets damaged and needs to [...]

How To Make Your Lips Look Naturally Fuller

I'm loving this big lip trend. It's been plumping for a few years now, and I'm not seeing lips getting any thinner, and I love it. Big lips should be celebrated, and I've always been a fan (maybe because my lips are naturally quite full); and with that being said I can see why there [...]

Is Foundation OVER Powder The Key to Flawless Skin?

Earlier this week I spotted the latest craze, and a craze it is. Applying powder, and then your foundation. Hmm. Is the discoverer of this craze crazyΒ or a genius? What kind of psychopath applies their foundation over powder? This is an extreme no-no in the makeup realm. I just had to find out myself, and [...]