The Ultimate Hair Care Guide

I think every woman longs for lengthy, voluminous luscious hair. Who doesn't? The problem is that our naturally gorgeous locks are usually damaged by searing heat (damn straighteners), Β excessive bleaching (everyone loves a blonde, right?), or every day life - pollution and all that... One way or another, our hair gets damaged and needs to [...]

Is Foundation OVER Powder The Key to Flawless Skin?

Earlier this week I spotted the latest craze, and a craze it is. Applying powder, and then your foundation. Hmm. Is the discoverer of this craze crazyΒ or a genius? What kind of psychopath applies their foundation over powder? This is an extreme no-no in the makeup realm. I just had to find out myself, and [...]

The Summer Holiday Beauty Products You *Need* To Pack

With the summer finally approaching, we're usually rushing around making sure we have enough bikinis, probably dieting a tad too much, and more concerned with our espadrilles and floral playsuits than what beauty products we're going to take, because all we need to buy is a tanned foundation, right? Wrong. During the summer, we need [...]

The 99p Aldi Beauty Buy I Can’t Live Without

I love Aldi. Aldi strawberries are the best strawberries I've ever had. I didn't think I'd be a fan of Aldi, really. An assumption I've lived to regret! Aldi's ethics are just superb - efficient in use of energy, employee time, resources such as displays doubling up as packaging, spacing (ever been to an Aldi [...]

The Nitty Gritty of Gritting

Earlier this week I read an article by The Sun that blew my mind. Gritting. WhyΒ have I not heard of this 'mind-blowing' facial cleansing method before? For those of you who haven't yet been hit by the Reddit craze, 'Gritting' is a cleansing method that involves cleansing oil, clay masks, massages, and, well, blackheads. And [...]

Flopsy Jelly Face Wash Review

I've never been one for believing much in natural products to resolve the problems I've faced with my skin. I've always preferred harsh chemically balanced skincare products as oppose to a tablespoon of turmeric and yoghurt. But as I became fascinated with skincare, I soon realised natural skin products were the way to go - [...]