How To Make Your Lips Look Naturally Fuller

I'm loving this big lip trend. It's been plumping for a few years now, and I'm not seeing lips getting any thinner, and I love it. Big lips should be celebrated, and I've always been a fan (maybe because my lips are naturally quite full); and with that being said I can see why there [...]

Is Foundation OVER Powder The Key to Flawless Skin?

Earlier this week I spotted the latest craze, and a craze it is. Applying powder, and then your foundation. Hmm. Is the discoverer of this craze crazyΒ or a genius? What kind of psychopath applies their foundation over powder? This is an extreme no-no in the makeup realm. I just had to find out myself, and [...]

How To Avoid Cakey Foundation

Foundation is an absolute lifesaver. For those days when your skin is a little worse for wear, or a big spot has developed right in the middle of your forehead over night, foundation is always there for us to lean on. But when we're trying to cover up our hyper-pigmentation, large paws, blackheads and spots, [...]

The Summer Holiday Beauty Products You *Need* To Pack

With the summer finally approaching, we're usually rushing around making sure we have enough bikinis, probably dieting a tad too much, and more concerned with our espadrilles and floral playsuits than what beauty products we're going to take, because all we need to buy is a tanned foundation, right? Wrong. During the summer, we need [...]